Your neighborhood pharmacy

Your neighborhood pharmacy

Services & Skills

Dispensing of prescriptions and guidance to patients

Each medical prescription is systematically analyzed by a pharmacist (dosages, contraindications with your state of health, medicines and food interactions, allergies ...) 

Your pharmacist may be required to review your latest biological test results to make sure that your medications are dispensed and that your chronic treatment is better monitored. 

After pharmaceutical validation, the delivery of your prescription will be combined with personalized advice to ensure proper use of the treatment, and health and dietary information depending on the pathology. 

Medication report

At the simple request of your doctor, the medication report is made by a pharmacist, for patients suffering from chronic diseases, only by appointment and in a confidentiality area of the pharmacy.

This activity, which is still underdeveloped in France, consists in optimizing your medication treatment in line with your pathophysiological profile and your lifestyle, while limiting the occurrence of adverse effects. 

At the end of the session, a dosage plan with all the tips for the proper use of your medication will be given to you. 


A detailed report will be sent to your doctor. 


Home hospitalization

We can take care of your home hospitalization by delivering to your home all the necessary accessories:

- Medical beds

- Wheelchairs 

- Ostomy pouches

- Urinary catheters

- Parenteral and enteral nutrition.

Influenza Vaccination

Since October 1st 2017 - article 66 of the 2016-2027 french insurance financing law 2016-1827 of December 23, 2016 - your pharmacist is authorized by the A.R.S (Regional Health Agency) to vaccinate against the seasonal flu. This authorization concerns patients over 18 years of age (except persons with a history of allergic reactions to previous vaccination). 

This act is paid on presentation of a vaccination bond sent by the french insurance or on presentation of a medical prescription for the influenza vaccine.  

Our team

Our team

a professional team, here to advise you

A team at your service

A qualified and smiling team attentive to your needs and having at heart to train continuously in the novelties as well as in certain specific fields (DPC) such as aromatherapy, orthopedics, dermatology, etc .. And this in order to you advise at best throughout your chronic treatments or for any specific request!

Stéphanie Petit


Phd in Pharmacy (Graduate from Clermont-Ferrand university) 

Orthopedics university degree (Clermont-Ferrand's Faculty of pharmacy )

Micro nutrition university degree (Dijon's Faculty of pharmacy)


Pharmacy technician

Graduated in 2015

Manage orthopedics product line


Pharmacy technician

Graduated in 2010

Manage aromatherapy product line