Published by Stéphanie Petit

Dec 11, 2018, 4:38 PM

The french pharmaceutical laboratory, S.I.D.Nutrition ensures a faithful reproduction of the properties of plants, vitamins and minerals within your organisms.

For this, S.I.D.Nutrition has developed modern galenic forms adapted to the needs of today's women and men. In order to assure the benefits of plants, S.I.D.Nutrition has addressed the issue of the bioavailability of natural active subtances.

The team lab has developped a innovating and original galenic on the dietary supplements market: “microgranules”. This galenic innovation allows to preserve active substances after gastric passage and so delivering all the benefits of the plants for their expected efficiency.

The «microgranule» is a galenic form until now reserve to certain class of medicines.

The dry extracts titrated in active substances are microgranulated and coated with a polymer made of shellac and povidone.

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